OnePlus Says No OnePlus Nord 2 Unit Exploded, Allegations Are ‘False’

OnePlus has clarified that reports claiming that a OnePlus Nord 2 unit exploded mysteriously are “false” and the incident in no way “involved any OnePlus product.” Earlier this week, several reports citing a tweet by a user (now deleted) noted that the OnePlus Nord 2 unit exploded just days after purchase. In the tweet, the user ‘Shubham Srivastava’ added that the incident caused trauma to his father, who is also the owner of the particular Nord 2 unit, and even posed risk to his life. As publications started carrying out the report based on a single tweet, OnePlus told News18 that the company takes such allegations “very seriously” and verified the legitimacy of the claim.

In the statement, OnePlus said, “Earlier today, we were notified on Twitter about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2. We always take such claims very seriously and immediately look into each one to first verify the legitimacy of the claim. During our conversation with this individual, we were able to confirm that this alleged case was false and in no way involved any OnePlus product. All OnePlus products undergo thorough quality and safety tests to ensure that they are up to leading industry standards and are safe to use. We also follow strict internal processes to ensure the health and safety of our users while also protecting the reputation of our brand. We urge the public to exercise restraint in judging unverified allegations such as this.”

Notably, the tweet claiming OnePlus Nord 2 blast came just days after another user reported a mysterious OnePlus Nord 2-explosion incident. As per the old post on Twitter (also deleted), the smartphone unit that seemingly belonged to the wife exploded when she went out cycling early in the morning. OnePlus had addressed that incident and said that the company found there was no manufacturing or product defect in that particular OnePlus Nord 2 unit.