Banksy filmed in the act as he confirms mystery art in seaside towns is genuine

Banksy has filmed himself in the act as his millions of fans get to watch the iconic artist in action.

He took to Instagram to claim credit for new spectacular street murals which has been discovered in Suffolk and Norfolk.

The mystery artist uploaded a video of himself getting down to work at locations after driving a campervan packed full of spray paint.

He called the clip “A Great British Spraycation” – and of course, didn’t show his face.

The hooded figure wastes no time as he creates yet another masterpiece with his cans.

Carrying out the painting with Tones and I hit Dance Monkey in the background, the elusive Brit gave fans a rare glimpse of how he does it.

A hooded figure, believed to be Banksy, was seen carrying out the creations in the video
Crowds have flocked to see seaside murals last week after he officially announced they were his.

A model of a miniature stable, with Banksy’s name spray-painted over it, was found on Sunday morning at the Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

He also scribbled the slogan “Go big or go home” alongside a stencilled rat.

Other Banksy-style art also appeared on Friday in the town and in Gorleston and also in Lowestoft, Suffolk, which seemed to show the child gripping the tool in front of a pile of sand.

A comical piece was also seen in Cromer of a gang of hermit crabs.

Locals say this is the artist’s way of helping the areas secure their City of Culture bids.

Banksy’s work is very valuable and can go for thousands of pounds.

At auction in 2008 a piece of work called Keep It Spotless was sold for just over £1 million.

Earlier this year, a suspected Banksy mural depicting a child holding a colourful kite on a string was today spotted on a brick wall in Winchester.

Locals were stunned to find the street artist’s signature graffiti-style artwork on the wall next to a footpath on the outskirts of Winchester, Hampshire.

As part of the black and white piece, which was discovered by local resident Liz Kavanagh, a real kite is attached to the child’s hand by a piece of string.

In March, Banksy did confirm a work as his.

A painting on the side of an ex-prison appearing to show an inmate escaping has been confirmed as a work by legendary artist Banksy.

The work, which appeared on the red brick wall of the former Reading Prison that once housed Oscar Wilde, was officially claimed by the artist on Thursday.

It shows an inmate escaping using a knotted spool of paper from a typewriter.

He posted a video on his Instagram account claiming responsibility for the work.

In the footage, told in a parody of an instructional art video, he is shown stealthily executing the design, which is called Create Escape.