Trevor Lawrence “pumped” to make his preseason debut

Trevor Lawrence is ready to make his preseason debut.

The Jaguars will square off against the Browns on Saturday night in Jacksonville and this year’s No. 1 overall pick said on Thursday’s he’s “pumped” for his first game.

“It’s nice we’re playing at home in front of the home crowd, so we’re really excited,” Lawrence said in his press conference. “We’ve been working the past three or four weeks, but really even since the spring, just trying to get ready for these moments. And this will be good. A lot of people are going to play, but in our minds it’s a real game. We’re still trying to win the game. A lot of people look at preseason differently, but I think this is where it starts for the Jags this year, is game one [in the] preseason.”

Lawrence noted he’s made some “dumb mistakes” over the course of training camp, but realizes that’s part of the learning process. To that end, he feels good about where he is learning the playbook and scheme.

“I feel like I’ve come a long way, especially in camp, just owning it and knowing where my answers are and being able to make adjustments,” Lawrence said. “I think that’s the biggest thing, transitioning from college to the NFL is you’re going to see a bunch of looks and it’s really about how you respond and adjust it to put you in a good situation. And that’s just something I’ve had to learn and I’ve gotten a lot better at in the last few weeks.

“I feel good about where I’m at and where the offense is. There’s still a long ways to go, but we’re making progress for sure.”

When asked about his goals for Saturday, Lawrence reiterated that even though it’s preseason, the team wants to win the game.

“And I guess individually for me, it’s just to do my job — nothing more than that,” Lawrence said. “If I do my job it’ll put us in a position to win. So that’s all I’m looking at doing is every play, doing the best I can, putting us in a good spot, getting it to our playmakers — that’s all being a quarterback is, is getting it to our best players. So that’s all I’m going to do.”