Plymouth shooter victim Lee Martyn died trying to shield daughter, 3, during rampage

Plymouth shooter victim Lee Martyn died trying to shield his three-year-old during loner Jake Davison’s gun rampage.

Lee, 43, and his daughter Sophie were among five victims of Davison’s attack in Keyham, Plymouth.

Witnesses say Lee desperately tried to save his daughter by putting his arm around Sophie Davison fired shorts through the street.

One said: “Lee did everything he could to protect Sophie..”

The father had been walking home with his adopted daughter Sophie, when Davison turned his deadly attention on them.

Davison also shot dead his own mother, Maxine Davison.

The 51-year-old – also known as Maxine Chapman – was shot and killed inside an address on Biddick Drive.

Stephen Washington, 59, was walking his dog in nearby parkland when he was gunned down.

In a post his son, Simon, paid tribute and said: “After tonight’s events we lost our dad.

“My mam lost her world. My kids and brother’s and sister’s kids lost their granddad. Each and every one of us will miss him deeply, RIP dad, you will be missed, love you.”

Kate Shepherd was Davison’s last victim before he turned the gun on himself before armed officers could engage him.

Kate, 66, was shot on Henderson Place and despite being taken to Derriford Hospital died from her injuries.

Terry Billing, 75, said: “She was a lovely woman and perfect neighbour. She’d always say hello.

“She and her husband John were retired. What happened to Kate and all those poor other victims is atrocious.”

Eyewitnesses reported Davison used a ‘pump action shotgun’ – although this has not confirmed this.

YouTube videos posted by Davison, that have since been removed, show him speaking about being “beaten down”.

In them he said he was socially isolated, struggled to meet women and made references to “incels” – misogynistic online groups of “involuntary celibate” men, who blame women for their sexual inadequacies.

At the end of his 11-minute video, Davison said: “I know it’s a movie but I like to think sometimes I’m the Terminator or something.

He declares: “Despite reaching almost total system failure he keeps trying to accomplish his mission.”