Android 12 Beta 4 promotes order over chaos

Google released the first public beta for Android 12 during its I/O event in the spring, and now Beta 4 is rolling out to compatible devices. Instead of a few previously unseen features like earlier beta releases, this version moves things into the “platform stability” section of the timeline.

For users trying to dive into the next version of Android as soon as possible, this means things are stabilizing as development proceeds toward a release candidate. The people this release is really important for are Android developers, who can test their apps for compatibility now that the APIs, features, and layout have been locked down. With Google introducing the biggest system redesign in years, there are plenty of areas where an app could run into trouble — double-check those widgets.

Android 12’s refreshed approach to privacy and security is another potential obstacle for apps that haven’t been updated. There’s the privacy dashboard that consolidates settings, alerts when an app snoops on the clipboard for any copy / paste information, and the ability to grant an app access to either your precise or approximate location.

As always, you can register for the beta and see if your phone is eligible to participate right here. Google’s phones from the Pixel 3 forward are candidates, along with certain phones made by Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, and ZTE.